Saplings, Inc.

With over 10 years of experience growing conifers for reforestation we saw the difficulty many land owners face finding seedlings of the correct zone and species on the open market when they need them.

Our solution was to form SAPLINGS, an all-inclusive, web-based business that allows small land owners to plan for their reforesting needs by ordering the trees they want, when they want them.


Here’s What We Do

  • Place orders so you can plan your harvest and planting schedule
  • Source and purchase seed
  • Coordinate growing with regionally appropriate growers
  • Schedule lifting and packing around your needs
  • Help coordinate delivery or pick-up options




We prime the seed to be sown for the best possible chance at making a tree

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Coordinating the Best Shipping Options

We arrange shipping, find trucking, locate cold storage near you if needed

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Follow Up Service

We offer follow-up visits and quality control services to ensure your saplings are growing healthy & strong!

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Higher Survival Rate90%
Offering Small Order Quantities20%
Improved Moisture Control90%
Quality Pest Control for Extended Life80%

Our Mission

Helping Plan Your Plantings!

Saplings Inc. mission is to provide the highest quality seedlings to small volume customers by bulking smaller orders and placing them with regionally specific nurseries. Through our website we give small volume customers access to large seedling wholesalers and wholesale pricing. You also have the added benefit of being able to plan your planting instead of hoping to find seedlings that match your needs on the open market.


Continual Follow-Up

We communicate with nurseries throughout the life of the seedlings

Regional Growth

We grow seedlings close to where you are if we can meet minimums in that region

Direct Seedlings

We work with seed orchards to buy seed directly from them

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Low minimum order quantities of only 1,000 saplings!

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Life cycle of a seedling

The life cycle of a seedling is a long process if you are used to the big box store model of buying plants. Depending on what stocktype (I’ll put together a stocktype summary page with photos we can link too) you are looking for the process could start in August with placing an order and span an additional 1 ½ to 2 ½ years before you get your seedlings. The main difference is that the seedlings you are buying need to be adapted to the specific area you are planting them in. To put this in perspective there are over 10,000 species, seed zone, elevation combinations just in the western united states so the idea of calling around and finding the perfect match for your needs the year you want to plant is problematic at best. So to make sure you get the exact match for your site placing an order is the best way to unsure you get your trees. Typically, the rule of thumb is if you are planning the harvest you should be planning what you are planting.

  • October – Orders are placed prior to October
  • November – Group orders and work with nurseries to finalize seed needs. Seed is then purchased and

delivered to the nurseries and the contracts are formalized

  • December – Seed is prepped for the stratification process (I’ll put together a stratification process page

to define this better).  Stratification is the process of mimicking a wet cold winter where the seed is primed

to start growing when conditions are favorable. Typical stratification is 60 days but

can range from 30-120 days depending on the species and genetics

  • January – Seed is in stratification
  • February – May – Seed comes out of stratification and is sown
  • April-December – Seedlings are being cultured and grown to meet size and health standards
  • December-March – Seedlings are lifted, graded, packed and shipped to customers.  If it is a 2-year- old tree it will be lifted, packed, and frozen until spring for transplanting back out into the nursery fields for another year
  • April – The 1-year- old seedlings are thawed and transplanted out at lower densities to provide

more growing space

  • May-December – Seedlings continue to grow
  • December to March – Seedlings are lifted and shipped to customers

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